hand painted silk blue pocket square men's fashion handmade by Lynne Kiel
Men's fashion blue silk pocket square hand dyed made in Canada by Lynne Kiel
Blue Navy painted silk pocket square men's fashion accessory made by Lynne Kiel
men's fashion accessory pure silk blue pocket square handmade by Lynne Kiel
painted silk blue face mask hand made by Lynne Kiel

TWILIGHT BLUE OMBRE BLEND Painted Silk Pocket Square Men's Fashion

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Pure Silk Originals Handmade by Lynne Kiel

  • 100 % Pure Silk Twill Pocket Square
  • Original hand painted art designs
  • One of A Kind Men's Fashion
  • Approximate size 14.5" x 14.5" square
  • Colors are completely colorfast & washable
  • Handmade in Canada
  • Free shipping across Canada & USA
  • Artist information and Care instructions
  • Instantly transform your look
  • Learn the secret art of folding your Pocket square
  • Add a matching facemask for a stylish statement
  • Hand wash instructions included
  • King Richard II is often considered as the inventor of the first real Pocket Square as a fashion accessory that he used to prefer with loud patterns. 
  • In France, the pocket square is also a regular feature in the court of Louis XVI where they were usually made from silk

Add a Painted silk Facemask for elegant sophisticated style 

THESE ART PIECES take time and each are unique in their own way. I have made my best effort to show proper coloring of the silk and artwork in my photo

Easy Pocket Square Folds



  • Each design Pocket square is individually hand made
  • Beginning with natural white silk the artistic design is drawn by hand with a gutta resist.   
  • Using french dyes, the color is applied with paint brushes creating one of a kind blended color combinations
  • When dry, the pocket square is steam set to permanently fix the color.
  • Once steaming is complete each scarf is individually hand washed and ironed. 
  • The Finished pocket square is preshrunk and completely colorfast and washable
  • Each item is individually hand cut which may result in slight variations in the finished size  

TAKE A LOOK at my Instagram for a peak into what it's like to be an artist

HOW TO PAINT SILK  YouTube Channel Lynne Kiel


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