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Hand Painted Silk Fashion made in Canada

Jackets, Tops, Scarves, Scrunchies, Pocket Squares, T-shirts, Face Masks, Shawls, Kimonos & Custom Orders

Made in the heart of Ottawa's Capital, Lynne Kiel has been a free style silk painter experimenting with different fashions and wearable art since 1975. Her pieces have travelled the world and brought beauty and joy everywhere they are worn. Come take a look at her unique styles , get into her studio and learn about her process through her YouTube videos. 

Find yourself or gift some beauty to a loved one, every single piece is a little different are made with love.



Wed, Jun 23, 5:54 PM
My shawl with a surprise gift of a facemask arrived. They are absolutely beautiful. They look better in real life than the picture did. I feel very spoiled. And your cards were lovely as an addition as well. Thank you very much love it. Will be sharing your name and the process of having them made with my friends. Thanks again. Susan.
Nancy                                 Friday MAY 21 . 2020

Message from Nancy

Lynne it was so lovely meeting you today. Thank you so much for so much!! The scarf is gorgeous and I know my friend is going to treasure this beautiful unique gift. It is even more lovely than pictures can do justice. You are extremely talented. Thank you also for how beautifully you packaged the gift, and for the gift card, which was so unexpected and so pretty. I will include it as part of the gift and not write on it so she can also treasure it in a pristine state. How can I even begin to also thank you for the door to door delivery. You are the best!!! It will be a pleasure to write a glowing review and verbally pass on my amazing experience.

Josie                                    February 11, 2021

Hello Lynn

I received my scarf yesterday and was equally pleased with it as I was with the Red poppy one that I got from you last time.   I bought this for a gift, but am reluctant to give it away because I like it so much.  Packaging was also very nice.

Many thanks.


Kim                                          Nov 30, 2020
Hi Lynne
I think it was you who dropped my package off on Auriga Drive today.  I must tell you I was so pleased with the whole thing.  First of all, you delivered it, that’s personal service and if you didn’t that’s ok.  The thank you note and personal message you wrote in it was very nice.  The made in Canada wrapping and bow are beautiful and the care instructions very helpful.  The scarf is absolutely beautiful.  My mother in law will love it I’m sure. 
You’re attention to detail and service is exemplary and I would recommend your store to anyone looking for special gifts. 
Thank you Lynne

Lynne Kiel

ORDER #1025

Items in this shipment  Personal Local Delivery for  Kim

Painted Silk BUTTERFLIES Long Scarf in Pink Purple Fuchsia colors × 1

Cynthia                            August  22 , 2020
Hi Lynne
Thanks you so much!  The masks are even nicer in person.  You guessed right about the two that are gifts.  Mine feels really nice on.  If we need to wear masks, it’s nice to also be stylish.  (I don’t like those plain black ones we see on so many on tv.)  Thanks also for the gift cards—they are beautiful.
Colleen                       August 5 , 2020

Message from Colleen

I got my silk face mask and it is beautiful. Thank you. I have just ordered three more! I can’t figure out how to leave a review though. If you’d like to cut an paste from this, please do. I love the quality, the workmanship and the extra elastic included. If we have to wear masks, and we do, this is the way to go! Thank you.

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