silk scrunchies for pony tail
silk scrunchies for hair
silk scrunchies made in Canada
silk scrunchies
silk scrunchies made in Canada
hair scrunchies
silk scrunchies for hair
PURPLE PASSION Mulberry Pure Silk  Pony Tail Scrunchie
PURPLE PASSION Mulberry Pure Silk  Pony Tail Scrunchie
PURPLE PASSION Mulberry Pure Silk  Pony Tail Scrunchie

PURPLE PASSION Mulberry Pure Silk Pony Tail Scrunchie

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Mulberry Silk Satin  SCRUNCHIES made by Lynne Kiel are the essential hair accessory perfect for sleeping , dancing , exercise and all things in between
Silk has always been the definition of luxury ,moreover, it brings exceptional benefits to your hair such as retaining moisture and preventing hair breakage.


  • Mulberry Silk is naturally hypoallergenic.
  • Silk is gentle on hair, meaning it will protect new hair growth. It reduces friction between your hair and a scrunchie, decreasing the likelihood of breakages.
  • reduces frizz.
  • FUN FACT The notorious RGB was a big fan of scrunchies

DESIGNED AND HANDMADE by Lynne Kiel. Preserve the beauty of your pure silk scrunchies by storing it flat and untied. The scrunchie completely colorfast and washable.

HAND WASH in cold water , remove excess moisture with a towel, then shape the edges fanning out flat and allow to dry.  It can be ironed on low heat to press back out. The silk hair accessory can also be drycleaned


  • One Purple mulberry satin silk scrunchie
  • More colors available and  in multiple sets


  • FREE Complimentary Ground Shipping Canada & USA
  • Artist information and care instructions included


Back in 1986, nightclub singer/pianist Rommy Revson was looking for a gentler alternative to the plastic and metal hair ties that kept damaging her strands. When she couldn’t find an adequate option, Revson took matters into her own hands. While house-sitting in the Hamptons, she dreamt up the concept of our beloved scrunchie. Using the waistband of her pajamas as inspiration, she sewed fabric around a piece of elastic. With that, the first prototype of the hair accessory, a black and gold style, was born. Fun fact: That prototype and the sewing machine Revson used are both in the Smithsonian Museum today. 

Silk is one of a kind type of fabric known to help retain moisture and reduce breakage. Replacing your regular elastic ties with a silk scrunchy will make your hair more shiny, moisturised and it will break less. It's the best investment in your hair care routine.

THE FINISHED  hair accessory scrunchy is designed, hand cut and sewn by Lynne Kiel. There may be slight variations in the finished size. 

THESE HAIR ACCESSORIES  take time and each are unique in their own way. I have made my best effort to show proper coloring of the silk in my photos,

TAKE A LOOK at my Instagram  for a peak into what it's like to be an artist

HOW TO PAINT SILK  YouTube Channel Lynne Kiel




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