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Painted Silk TIE DYE Style Face Mask 3 PLY Satin Blue Turquoise color
Painted Silk TIE DYE Style Face Mask 3 PLY Satin Blue Turquoise color

Lynne Kiel

Painted Silk TIE DYE Style Face Mask 3 PLY Satin Blue Turquoise color

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TIE DYE style Painted Silk  face mask by Lynne Kiel. This face mask is a double layer pure silk with a comfortable elastic which can be easily adjusted  by tying the knot tighter. Just slip knotted end into casing once fitted to your size. The shape of the mask has a smooth fit covering nose and chin comfortably. The painted silk layer is a 3 ply satin silk lined with a linen finish silk .

DESIGNED AND HANDMADE by Lynne Kiel.  This painted silk face covering is preshrunk, completely colorfast and washable.

  • This 100%  Silk non-medical face mask is gentle on skin and comfortable to wear. Silk is known to possess antibacterial and antimicrobial properties inherently as it is naturally hypoallergenic.  

YOUR STYLE add a matching silk scarf with your face mask and go out with flair

HAND WASH in cold water , hang to dry or lay flat after removing excess moisture with a towel. It can be ironed on low heat to press back out. Dry cleaning is also an option

DELIVERY Complimentary ground shipping , all parcels are tracked and insured

GIFTING Your purchase is packaged in a white gift box with decorative tissue. The artists information and care instructions are included.

THE STORY BEHIND  A synonymous symbol of the counter culture movement   While tie-dye has been a form of self-expression for centuries, the cultural significance surrounding the rainbow swirls and bright colors was solidified within the 1960s and 1970s, serving as an emblem of the rejection of strict social norms imposed on society within the 1950s. Rejecting violence, capitalism, materialism, and uniformity, the hippie culture preached love and compassion and sought individualism through the use of tie-dye techniques on their garments.


Each item is individually hand made. The design silk face mask begins in natural white silk with the artistic design drawn by hand with a gutta resist.   

 WITH FRENCH SILK DYES the color is applied by hand  with paint brushes creating brilliant results.                                                                                                    

WHEN DRY the painted silk is steam set to permanently set the color. Once steaming is complete each scarf is individually hand washed and ironed.

THESE ART PIECES take time and each are unique in their own way. I have made my best effort to show proper coloring of the silk and artwork in my photos,

THE FINISHED  painted silk face mask is preshrunk and completely colorfast. Each mask is hand cut  which may result in slight variations in the finished size. 

MASK SIZE  approximately  7 " / 18 cm  covering  nose to  under the chin  custom sizes available by request , message me for details

TAKE A LOOK at my Instagram for a peak into what it's like to be an artist

HOW TO PAINT SILK  YouTube Channel Lynne Kiel





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